SoliTec can be seen ...

... as a classic technical industry representation, but with a significantly expanded range of service for our customer- and partner companies. Beyond the mere mediation of business relations, we see ourselves as an accomplice, consultant, project supervisor, problem solver and moderator, in order to realize the best possible solution for all parties. We also offer detailed technical advice on the technologies we represent, as well as active participation in new developments of products, processes and technologies.

Many years of professional experience in the successful realization of projects help us offer substantial support in acquisition, project management and moderation.

Customer Acquisition 

We have excellent connections to many economic areas, especially in the automotive supplier segment. However, it is essential for us that our partners have a homogeneous customer structure, which gives us the opportunity to conjointly emerge additional markets, industry sectors and customers.

Order Acquisition 

We are satisfied and successful if we can realize new orders. Taking this into consideration it is vital for us to cultivate intense communication and to actively participate in the phase leading up to the award of the contract. For us, a search for the optimal solution at an internationally competitive cost is a prerequisite for achieving a positive order placement. The early integration into pre-development or series development gives us the opportunity for a very high order quota in the awarding of contracts. Innovative products, competitive prices and intensive cooperation up to the competitive analysis is what distinguishes us.


We offer solutions and products for technically demanding projects. We are pleased to be available for technical discussions, intensive cooperation in new developments or feasibility studies. New technical approaches, alternative materials or the further development of existing technologies are measures that we approach and implement with our partners. Thus we are able to offer and realize the optimal product adapted to the customer requirements.

Support for project management and quality issues

We offer intense support for project management, monitoring of milestones, active regulation and initiation of additional activities in case of deviations, as well as a comprehensive transmission of information to our customers.

We consider the short-term availability of quality issues, the fastest possible organization of problem solving for quality deviations, as well as preventive quality planning as a basis for our activities for our customers and partners.

In addition, we can offer support through a certified process auditor according to VDA6.3.

Supplier Search 

We support our customers, even if new technologies or new manufacturing processes are required that we do not have in our partner portfolio. We are happy to evaluate the markets and offer alternatives that meet the needs of our customers.

Moderation, balancing different mentalities 

Throughout the years of working in international markets we have developed experience and knowledge to distinguish differing mentalities, practices and customs and are so able to compensate for all-round satisfaction and understanding.

Improvement of business relations 

We see it as the ultimate goal to satisfy our customers and partners. In this respect, we strive to create a positive and pleasant working atmosphere by being open-minded, honest and objective with our customers and partners, always offering a solution to possible misunderstandings, questions and problems.