SoliTec is a technical industry-agency specializing in the international automotive industry. Furthermore, SoliTec is active on the markets of medical technology and industry. Since 1987 SoliTec represents companies from Germany and abroad in the German and European market. Many positively completed projects, pairing with the high level of satisfaction among our partners and customers proof our successful business. The name SoliTec stands for sophisticated technical solutions.

We identify with your challenges and collectively develop an optimal solution tailor-made for your demands. SoliTec offers the fitting technology combined with qualified support. If you would like to take advantage from this as our customer, then you have come to the right place. Our strength is not only the technological consulting and development support, but also the project management and logistical dirigation of your projects.

We are grateful for your visit to our website and hope that we could answer all your questions. Otherwise we are happy to assist you either by mail or personally.


International active 

As part of the internationalization of the automotive industry, we have built up a network of contacts on the European continent, stretching from Germany to France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania. We are in personal contact with our customers in Europe and intensify our business relations at the respective locations through regular personal meetings.


With the help of competent advice in technical and commercial matters, we ensure smooth and flawless processes. We feature international contacts in the automotive industry. We offer future-oriented know-how. We provide on-site support by local staff. We offer quality advice and solutions as well as strategic advice.


Through many years of experience in Germany and abroad our services include:

  • Representation of qualified suppliers from Germany and abroad.
  • Help with the supplier search.
  • Supplier development.
  • Preparation of accurate market analyses.
  • Execution of projects over the entire project period.
  • General advice on technical and commercial matters.

Online & Personal 

Of course, we are permanently available for our customers by phone and mail, nevertheless it is essential for us to also be in personal contact. Much can be clarified virtually in a modernizing world, but for a functioning business relationship personal contact is very important to us.

Torsten Frobel / Büro Nord
Gunther Böhringer / Büro Süd


Because of continuous optimization and development of our products and processes as well as the concentration on innovative, new solutions, we are international leaders in our technological areas.

We are very happy about the mutually beneficial and sustainable cooperation.

Quote from a customer

Industry 4.0 

... describes the integration of conventional production technology with modern information and communication technology based on digitally networked systems. One aspect is the goal of a self-organizing production chain of people, equipment and logistics.

But all this only works by communicating and realizing solutions.